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The AUA Digital Repository is an open source platform for the collection and preservation of scholarly and creative digital content produced by AUA's faculty, students and staff. It aims to promote personal and professional development through the exploration of AUA generated materials, as well as promote intellectual freedom and access to information within the local community and worldwide. Digital content includes: Master's theses, working papers, course materials, audio and video materials, images, books, chapters, journal articles, publications based at AUA, departmental newsletters, conference materials, presentations, AUA administrative documents, and more.

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  • Navasardyan, Elen (2018)
    This study seeks to find out the relationship between work motivation (Intrinsic & Extrinsic) and employee behavior towards the work/performance. This study will investigate any positive, negative, neutral or no relationship ...
  • Harutyunyan, Tigranuhi (2018)
    This study aims to investigate the Armenian customers’ perception towards internet baking services and identify the main factors that can have impact on the Internet banking adoption process by Armenian customers. The ...
  • Muradyan, Margarita (2018)
    “Business must be for profit, but profit must also be for purpose”. Mads Kjaer, co-founder of MYC4, a social entrepreneur. My master thesis addresses the status of social entrepreneurship in Armenia, its models, history, ...
  • Gadyan, Gayane (2018)
    This paper aims at estimating the price elasticity of demand for tobacco products in Armenia. The data is collected from the database of Statistical Committee of the Republic of Armenia, and then transformed for obtaining ...
  • Yepremyan, Artyom (2018)
    The aim of this paper is to analyze the results of the Demographics and Health survey jointly conducted by National Statistical Service of Armenia, Ministry of Health of Armenia and the DHS Program to identify the effect ...

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