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  • Minasyan, Eliza T.; Bekchyan, Arina N.; Gevorgyan, Marine N.; Hakobyan, Anna V.; Melkonyan, Anna M. (2018-05-17)
    This marketing plan has been developed to resolve the problems that the client of our business group, Armenia Optical Business Center (referred to as AOBC), is currently facing. The problems encountered by AOBC are how to ...
  • Bezhanyan, Ruzanna (2018-05-14)
    This essay is aimed to answer the question what tax policies does utilitarianism recommend? Based on the summary of utilitarianism basic guidelines and principles were separated. Following those principles income, sales, ...
  • Pandunts, Araksya (2018-05-11)
    The predictions of Henry Kissinger regarding the imminent collapse of the European Union did not happen. Nevertheless, painstakingly strengthening Euroscepticism totters the very idea and the foundations of unity in the ...
  • Armenakyan, Gohar (2018-05-11)
    The flow of migration has occurred from the historical period, but nowadays it has reached to extensive numbers, which keeps European countries concerned about the situation. It brought to the fact that many countries ...
  • Sahakyan, Irina (2018-05-10)
    The present paper addresses the post-Cold war era relations between US and Russia, claiming that relations 25 years after end of Cold War I become very tough. This paper questions whether there is a new cold war between ...

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